Any business in todays tech world without a website will be left to dry and out of the online consumer research process.

  • 95% of consumers used the internet to find a local business in the las 12 months! This is up 15% from 2012.
  • 37%  of consumers used the internet to find a local business at least once a month

So no doubt the danger of avoiding the internet as a medium to attract customers and grow your business is not an option. Its a clear neccessity!


hand drawing light bulbWhy should you focus on your Local SEO?

Since about October of 2010 we began seeing maps pop up on for local searches, no doubt most of us have seen them and most likely used them.  Since then Google google has continued to improve and update this algorithm making sure that local searches are returning matched results.


Understanding the value of the this, restaurants and hotels were one of the first market areas to take advantage of this prime real estate.  Dispensaries thus far have been slow to follow largley due to the industry as a whole and the lack of legitamate recognition.

That being said there are unique strategies cannabis dispensaries must follow to ensure their listing and their listing visibility. understands these tactics and has the tools, resources and experience to make sure your local listing is ranked and more importantly ranked higher in the results!



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