Web Design for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Design that will turn heads!

2-20-2-20 Rule

Maximize your website conversions!





All web design should be setup with the 2-20-2-20 rule in mind to maximize your website conversions. The rule states that you have 2 seconds to earn the customers next 20 seconds. In those 20 seconds, the visitors will determine if you earn their next 2 minutes. After the that 2 minutes, the visitor will decide if they will email, call or order from your dispensary and give you another 20 minutes to earn their business.

All the websites we create focus on the first 2 seconds a visitor comes to your site, we want you to earn their attentionand become your client.  A simple, easy to use layout will keep your users focused and will ultimately mean conversions.  We avoid clutter busy websites with too many options and graphics, as these will decrease your chances of earning their time and money!

With over 10 years of website development experience and 15 years experience in technology services dispensaryPros has developed a streamlined and cost effective approach to bringing organizations into the 21st century with current technology. In order to stay relevant in this ever evolving industry the companies that want to survive this green rush are the ones who are well known, easily accessible and customer friendly.

DispensaryPros utilizes a time tested approach to website development making it easier, faster and less expensive to develop a web presence.

The process is as easy as this:

  •  Choose from a list of proven website designs
  •  Create content (pictures, descriptions, etc.) in partnership with dispensaryPros.com
  •  Deploy the website

Our starter websites take roughly 30 days to create and will have an immediate effect on increasing business.

Typical Website layout:

  • Home Page
  • About
  • Cannabis Menu
  • Contact Us

Starter websites are a basic package. Other packages include pre-orders online, member management (including the housing of members Recommendations/State ID’s), Delivery scheduler, Photo gallery, etc.

Once you have a website up and running we will start leveraging our other services to make it an additional revenue stream.