97% of local consumers research their purchases online before they commit to making purchase.hand drawing light bulb

Once you are online and easily accessible, it is time to begin a marketing strategy. will work with you to understand your current marketing strategy and develop a plan to identify and attract new customers.

Search Engine Optimization is the strategy used to improve your company’s rankings when searched on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.)

SEO is an effective strategy of marketing which helps to improve the natural ranking of a website.  The pay per click system or google adwords continues to increase in cost so the long-term benefit and cost savings of organic SEO is becoming more obvious.business_1100010646-012914-int

The businesses online are now influenced by efficiency

ROI and longevity of organic search engine optimization. There are many reasons and techniques to optimize a website for better online organic search. These make websites more reliable, effective and financially more realistic.

Content is the backbone of a solid marketing strategy

Gone are the days of techniques like “key word stuffing”  now content is king and not just any content by good content. The development of good content aligns with your online marketing strategy and should be a similar message.  Once you have a solid content created about your business  then its time to work on some fine tuning.

This is where many dispensaries find them selves spinning there wheels as there are many schools of thought as to what is effective “on page SEO”.  When it comes to dispensaries however, we are confident in a successful strategy that involves 3 core areas, meta information, internal link structure,  and clear title tags.



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